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The Eighties -- 80s Music
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Welcome to the_eighties, a music comm for sharing and appreciating '80s music.

All genres welcome!

1. Only '80s music allowed! (Since some of our fave '80s music was actually released in the late '70s, that's fair game, of course.)
Exceptions: Covers of '80s bands/songs
New music from select '80s bands (The Cure, New Order, etc.)

2. Just music! No concert info, no gossip, no eBay auctions, no fan art of Robert Smith, etc. Links to other '80s sites of interest are welcome, though.

3. Icon posts are OK -- as long as they are of '80s bands/musicians. If you are linking to a multi-fandom icon post, please make sure that your teasers are for '80s bands only.

4. You must use an lj-cut if your post will be longer than two inches.

5. Requests are fine but please remember to give back when you can.

6. Some posts may be locked for members only; to see them, you'll need to join.

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